“Science … has found no remedy for the
worst (evil) of them all
– the apathy of human beings.”

Helen Keller

One Day

One Day

One day we will realize that worldwide, all our lives and well-being are inextricably woven into the fabric of our planet Earth, connected to each other & the greater universe.

This is not a choice; it is a reality

How we survive, progress and thrive depends upon how we embrace this reality.

The LOOK UP™ Story


The story begins with a heartfelt discussion between Dr. Jill Tarter (co-founder of the SETI Institute), LeVar Burton and Dr. Mae Jemison at SXSW following their panel on 100 Year Starship®. The topic? How to reconnect humans to space, to the Earth and the importance of audacious goals for the health of humanity.

Launched September 15, 2017 at the 25th anniversary of Dr. J’s spaceflight, LOOK UP seeks to connect people from all walks of life, across the world, on a single day by the simple act of sharing what they see when they LOOK UP.

To acknowledge that we are Earthlings. We share the same origins, the same sky. And our evolutionary path necessarily includes capturing our place in the greater universe.

Why LOOK UP™ ?

LOOK UP™ anchors us in the universe

For hundreds of generations, across the globe, wise women and men observed the sky and charted the movement of the moon, sun and stars, predicting the seasons, the tides.

We navigated across vast distances.We kept track of time and weather as we looked up at the sky. 

Everyday, in every society, people synched their lives — planting and harvesting crops, hunting, birth — with the cycles of the sun and moon. 

Knowing the sky underpinned the foundation for our success as a species; we must never lose sight of this relationship.

LOOK UP™, to understand we live under one sky & the greater universe.

And while inextricably part of Earth, we are ever pushing to explore farther and to claim a place in the larger cosmos.