These are the individuals, groups, organizations & businesses that make LOOK UP happen.

LOOK UP is lead by The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence, a US nonprofit that has been at the forefront of integrating science, culture and social responsibility. Since 1994, programs such as The Earth We Share™ have enhanced science literacy for thousands of students and skills of hundreds of teachers around the world, while the 100 Year Starship™ initiative pushes the boundaries of space exploration knowledge, human systems, outreach and inclusion.


LOOK UP Partners are key in providing the resources, support and
wherewithal for the core tools and processes required to execute

The Crew
The Crew


Collaborators work through their existing networks and programs to develop
LOOK UP affiliated events, distribute information and groew the

The Crew
The Crew
The Crew

Team Members

Team Members are those individuals responsible to guide and lead specific tasks for the
design, development, execution and maintenance of LOOK UP core components and
liaising with collaborators, partners and the LOOK UP Community and Guests

The LOOK UP Community

LOOK UP Community™ are the individuals who sign up to be a part of LOOK UP and
engage in activities and contribute to the LOOK UP Sky Tapestry™. One must register to
be a part of the LOOK UP Community and contribute to the Tapestry.
Community members get special privileges and log in accounts.

We Welcome All

LOOK UP Guests: everybody else who visits the LOOK Websites, follows LOOK UP on
Twitter and Instagram, in the newspaper, on line