Look Up Together.

Ever wonder what people in far off places are seeing at the same time you’re looking up at the sky?  The Skyfie app is made exactly for that.  Astronaut, physician, engineer and educator Dr. Mae Jemison believes the impact of looking up at the sky can be as profound as seeing the Earth from space orbit.  Especially when its a shared worldwide experience!

Capture, create, express, share and explore what you (and countless individuals worldwide) see and feel when looking at the sky. Intuitive, simple and powerful, the Skyfie app lets you easily, on a single page, generate your message to the world as  a photo, video, audio recoding or text and then upload it to an interactive globe of the Earth.

And you can seamlessly, explore what everyone submitted across our planet on the Sky Tapestry.

Sky Tapestry is a fully interactive digital globe that shows Skyfies, content, from individuals worldwide in near real-time.  The Sky Tapestry renders the Skyfies on a satellite topographical map that can be zoomed to neighborhood resolution.  But don’t worry, your identity and specific location are not revealed.

Join the movement.